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Gilthead sea bream are farmed in the south of France and the wild black bream, pink bream and occasional couches bream are generally hook and line caught in the early summer months from the UK’s south and south-west coasts. Great as a whole fish to barbeque or roasted with olive oil, lemon and thyme.

Brill is a relative of the turbot, with sweet firm white flesh. Our brill is caught by inshore otter trawl in the South West, and is best roasted whole as the bones add a superb flavour. Just add a drop of white wine, butter and some shredded parsley.

Our cod is from well managed sustainable Cornish stocks. It is beautiful simply roasted and served with parsley sauce; or roasted with a parmesan and herb crust.

Our Dover Sole is caught by inshore day trawl in the South West. The best way to cook the firm, sweet flesh is to grill and serve with melted butter and lemon.

Gurnard have always been highly valued by the French, and in the last few years the British have caught on. The fish, with flesh similar to monkfish, can be baked whole or pan fried as fillets, and is fantastic in soups, stews and bouillabaisse.

The sweet flaky haddock we buy fresh from Cornwall is best simply dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and shallow fried.

Our halibut is line caught in the deep north Atlantic waters off Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Juicy steaks from this thick flat fish are best roasted or baked with a prawn sauce or a homemade buttery hollandaise.

The distinctive John Dory has a firm white flesh which is ideal for baking. Loosely wrap in parchment paper with a knob of butter and a dash of white wine.

Beautifully sweet lemon sole caught in Cornish waters by inshore otter trawl fillets beautifully, or can be served whole when grilled with parsley butter.

Atlantic mackerel caught by hook and line in the South West are full of flavour and rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Simply roast with lemon and thyme or rosemary.

Straight from Cornwall, the firm pink/white flesh of the monkfish makes excellent kebabs for the barbeque, is perfect for stir fries and curries and is delicious stuffed with lemon, rosemary, sunblush tomatoes and anchovies, then wrapped in pancetta and roasted.

Our plaice fillets come to us directly from Cornwall and they have a very delicate sweet white flesh. Just brush with melted butter and grill, or dip in egg and breadcrumbs and gently pan fry. Serve with lemon wedges and tartare sauce. Plaice is ideal for children as it has a mild flavour and is virtually bone free.

Pollock is a less expensive alternative to cod. Fresh from the West Country, this firm white fillet is excellent for fish pies and fish cakes.

Our ray is sent to us directly from Newlyn in Cornwall. The lovely thick wings give sweet delicate flakes. Pan fry, roast or poach and serve with melted butter, lemon and capers.

Our red mullet are hook and line caught off the south west as they navigate the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. They yield slightly pink flesh with a taste of shellfish. A joy when roasted with olive oil, white wine, lemon juice and fresh thyme.

Our salmon is farmed in the crystal clear waters off the Shetland Isles and is transported to London every day. In the summer we stock wild salmon from Scottish rivers: a real treat that must be cooked as simply as possible.

The port of Newlyn in Cornwall is famous for sardines and pilchards, caught in abundance from the end of June in time for the barbeque season. Cook for just four or five minutes over hot coals and serve with lemon, crusty bread and plenty of cold beer.

Our wild sea bass are hook and line caught off the south coast to reach us in perfect condition. Roast them with olive oil, sea salt and lemon, maybe stuffing the cavity with rosemary or laying the fish on a bed of sliced fennel.

The princely wild sea trout is a beautiful silver fish with an exquisite clean taste. Simply bake with a little butter, lemon and serve warm.

Our undyed smoked haddock is cured over oak by master smoker Enderby of Grimsby. It’s best poached in milk with a knob of butter and served on a bed of spinach, topped with a free range poached egg.

We’re famous for our smoked salmon, with a mild London cure that’s not too smokey, oily or salty. It’s produced for us by one of the last kosher salmon curers in London, who has been smoking for our Chelsea shop for more than 50 years.

Turbot is the king of fish, with an incredible depth of flavour, and should always be cooked on the bone to keep it moist. Just roast and serve with hollandaise.