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Our Palourdes clams are grown in Poole, Dorset and collected by hand. In season, they are ideal for spaghetti vongole or just sautéed in a little olive oil, parsley and chilli and a drop of white wine.

Our whole brown crab, usually from the West Country, are selected live each morning at Billingsgate market and then boiled for you to enjoy in peak condition. Crack and pick the meat, and serve with a good mayonnaise and a glass of Muscadet.

Our team in Cornwall hand pick our crab meat each day and send it up overnight for you to enjoy in peak condition. The flakes are ideal for salads, sandwiches or a nostalgic starter of crab and avocado with mayonnaise.

Our dressed crabs are cooked, picked and dressed each day on the Murray Firth then sent to us overnight for you to enjoy as a summer lunch or first course.

Our beautiful langoustines are creel-caught and sent down live from the west coast of Scotland. Pop them into boiling salted water for two minutes, chill in iced water, and serve with a good mayonnaise, crusty bread and a nicely chilled bottle of Pouilly Fumé.

Canadian lobsters are flown in every day during the cooler months. In the summer and autumn we have native lobsters from Cornwall and Scotland. We boil them every morning and are happy to split them and crack the claws for you. All you need are some salad leaves, a few Jersey Royals and a bottle of something cold and fizzy.

Our mussels are rope grown to ensure they are not gritty in the cold, clear waters of Demlane. When in season, they are best used in the classic moules mariniere.

Our Pacific rock oysters are cultivated in the East of England and come to us fresh and live when in season.

Sweet plump scallops from the west coast of Scotland or Cornwall are delicious pan fried in butter and olive oil and served on a bed of dressed rocket or watercress and a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

Our squid is caught on a hand line, known as jigged, off the Cornish and Devon coastlines. It is delicious opened out, scored and cooked on a hot griddle pan for no more than a minute, or cut into rings, dip into seasoned flour and quickly shallow fry.

Giant black tiger prawns look amazing and are really versatile when looking for a recipe. They can be poached in salted water, roasted in a hot oven or dressed with olive oil and cook on a hot barbeque.